An artist residency


An international artist-led residency devoted to exploring  the synergy between artistic practice and the sharing of locally grown food in a community setting.   


The synergy between artistic and culinary practices

Since 2015, this residency has taken place both on the Toronto Islands and in rural Prince Edward County Ontario, Canada. This year, Alchemy Island 2020 is our only traditional programmed residency.  Other new activities will be announced shortly. 


A community setting for inquiry and discovery

Selected artists call upon a variety of  mediums ranging from visual arts, sculpture, photography, craft, cooking, performance art, writing or video. Artists create and share their work and practice, while also contributing culinary creativity to lively salon style communal dinners. 

Readings and discussions  probe the creative intersection of food and art.  Guest talks from artists, chefs and winemakers  help us better understand the magic and inspiration created by making and sharing art and food.   


Alchemy is facilitated by two strong advocates for these ideas:  Claire M. Tallarico and  Tonia Di Risio.  

To meet Claire and Tonia and the 50 plus artists who have contributed to our collaborative efforts to date, visit the next section.


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What's New


Alchemy Island 2020: April 20 - 27

Application Deadline: 2 December 2019


Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council

Alchemists Claire M. Tallarico and Deborah Margo received an Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Grant to support their collaborative participation in Alchemy 2018’s Hillier Hall Open House event,  Many thanks to the OAC for their invaluable help.